American Doll Boutique 
Sandie Lohiser

4715 Duerr Road
Orchard Park, NY  14127

Home-based boutique open by appointment

(716) 998-9662
If you find yourself on this page:
It means that you have visited the American Doll Boutique website in the past and bookmarked this page.  I thank you for your continued interest!  

As the new year of 2017 has begun, I decided to give my website a slightly more updated look. You might notice that some of the menu names have changed. The show schedule is now found on the Intro page.  So please go there for a fresh look at my American Doll Boutique!  Happy browsing, Sandie
OR....  you are here to see what the 
American Doll Boutique show setup looks like.
In that case, let me thank you for considering my business as an addition to your event.  I have two different type of set-ups. The first is for one day private bookings and special events. For shows that last two or more days, my display takes on a boutique setting that consists of shelving and garment racks. Again, thank you for taking the time to browse these show set-up photos.  To see my garments more closely, please use the links on the menu at the top of this page.

Yours in the love of dolls,
Sandie Lohiser

As these events usually offer those shopping a limited amount of browsing and purchasing time, my garments are neatly organized on table tops with an array of dolls and photos.  

One day private books and special events:
Annually, 300 to 500 guests attend this four hour doll gala in Erie, PA. To accommodate the large number of shoppers in such a limited amount of time, I am set up in the main entrance hallway of a the Bayfront Convention Center.

An annual doll tea at a country club.
A fund raising benefit included a girls luncheon, fashion show and shopping opportunities.
Shows--two days or more
For these longer events, I have a display that is designed to create a boutique setting.  Hand-pieced quilts create a backdrop for my wooden shelving and garment racks that are brimming with hanging outfits, accessories and packaged trendy and active wear.  

I appreciate the hard work that is involved in running an artisan show.  I have always felt that the event's success falls on both the promoter as well as the vendors. For my part, in addition to including your show on my website, your event information will be listed on my fliers. I hand out approximately 2,000 leaflets. The third way in which I "spread the word" is a monthly newsletter.  I currently have over 1,500 active shoppers that have subscribed to this informative email and attend shows based on this listing.  
10 x 10" Booth space setup
No matter the size of the event or the number of days, my display is always filled with American Girl dolls ready to welcome shoppers into the American Doll Boutique.
Christmas in the Country is a four day event, therefore, my display is slightly larger than other shows.