<  Trendy #3
Whether you are going to the zoo, school or for a fun day out and about, our favorite playmate will be stylish in this animal print corduroy skirt, black jersey and hair ribbon.  "Souvenir" zoo bookmarks are included.  Add these faux suede boots for a cute trendy look!
​< Trendy #18
These snappy skirt-and-vest sets come with an American flag and are embellished with "badge" decals for the Junior, Brownie or Daisy.  Also included in the packaging is a write-up about Girl Scout organizations around the world.  In order to keep these uniforms at an affordable price, shirts are not included, but are sold separately.

<  Trendy #15
Off for a walk to pay a visit to the elderly neighbor across the street.  This "carefree" outfit will help her bring sunshine and butterflies inside to Mrs. Smith!

The skirt and scarf are made of soft sweater knit and are accented by a comfy jersey top.  Fun poppers are included.
      Trendy #14  >
"Who wants to take a walk to the art museum with me?"  This rich black corduroy skirt is covered in a rainbow of hearts and flowers.  A long-sleeve white jersey makes the colors of the skirt pop!  Don't forget a bright purple beret!  When she gets home from the museum, maybe she'll be inspired to draw her own pictures with a pretty mini marker set!
Trendy #8 >
These adorable brown pants are trimmed in earthy green and brown. They come with a matching bag and activity set! They're a perfect wardrobe add-on, or you could pair them with a white tee. Consider adding a brown coat and tote to really complete the look!
<  Trendy #11  
This is the perfect outfit for the trendy gal who's out for a day of sight-seeing! A soft long-sleeve magenta jersey pairs perfectly with this houndstooth skirt!
Are you looking for some specific?  
I can only put a select number of outfits on each page. 
Visit my boutique so see many more fashions!
​< Trendy #17
This sweet outfit is actually sold as separate items so you can add what you want to your wardrobe, or get the entire look! Perfect for the little baker, this set will keep her casual, cute and her clothing covered so she doesn't get any flour on her clothes!

A pink knit tee can be paired with a dark denim skirt, which comes with a cupcake sash (which could also be used in her hair). The cupcake apron ties in the back and has a generous pocket in the front for her to store recipe cards! The apron comes with a mini napkin and two faux desserts. Complete the look with white canvas sneakers or a faux rhinestone-accented cupcake charmer necklace. Bon appétit!
Trendy #4  >
For the peace lovin' girl!  Each set includes an individually designed pair of pants with a heart accented dark pink shirt as well as a colorful headband. Heart colors vary.  I have included a couple views so that you can see that every one is just as colorful as the next! 

Add your own finishing touch to this outfit with a fun pair of shoes from the bottom of this page for $6.
<  Trendy #1
Take a nature walk wearing this animal lover's skirt set!  A teal long sleeve jersey edged in black is paired with this adorable print corduroy skirt.  These amusing woodland friends might inspire you to "Create a Cute Critter with your Spool Knitter" that is included!   Accessory package varies slightly.

Although we love these platform shoes with this set, we have recently found another great pairing...the dark aqua crocks and black thigh highs located at the bottom of the page are adorable together!
Trendy #2  >
This outfit is purrrrfect for any young cat lover!  A black long sleeve jersey is trimmed with a satin cat applique and paired with a paw trimmed skirt. Black canvas sneakers are great for a more casual look and black faux patent leather dress shoes give a dressier look. Accessory may vary slightly.
Trendy #6 >
In addition to being adorably stylish, this set offers lots of wardrobe enhancing separates! A raspberry velour skirt and shrug pairs perfectly with a shiny black sleeveless top. Combine it with black tights, pink shoes and other accessories and she's ready for a special day out for brunch! And think of other outfits you may have that this shrug, skirt or blouse could coordinate with! 
<  Trendy #5
Vibrantly colorful flowers bedeck this black corduroy skirt.  A long sleeve cream jersey, bright red hair ribbon and mini ring toss game complete this outfit.
<  Trendy #13    
Hot pink cheetah is a boutique favorite. Contrasted with a black long-sleeved shirt and topped off with a matching tam.
One pair of hosiery per outfit please
Decisions, decisions...which style and color do you think goes best with your favorite outfit? 

Did you know that although many of the Active sets above come with shoes, you can add a pair of casual shoes to it as well?

If you would like more than one of the same item to go with the selections that you have made, please indicate that on the comment area provided.  

Availability is limited and if your selection is sold out, we will notify you as soon as possible so that you may make another selection.  

Please remember, only one pair per outfit.  
Casual Shoes ~ $6 with the purchase of an outfit
Click on EACH style to see larger views   
Fabulous Footwear
Trendy #12 >
I love this trendy skirt set was so much that I decided to make it in two different color schemes! Your favorite doll will love this sassy skirt with a coordinating ribbon sash. Each set comes with a fun accessory.

This sleeveless cotton top is perfect for a hot summer day!  Each is paired with seaside theme print shorts and includes fun mini activity.  Add a pair of stylish shoes and you will be ready for fun in the sun!

For easy viewing~ hover over the scrolling picture to pause it. Please remember, one pair per outfit please.
Sizzling Summer Sets!

How to place an order

~ You are on the Fun Wear page
~  Browse & check the items that you would like
~  Go to the very bottom of this page
~  Fill out your name & email address
~  Hit  the submit button

~ There is no shopping cart
~ Each page is handled as a separate order form
~ I will combine the pages and email you an invoice
~ You can make changes by calling me
~ Shipping is $7 for any size package to Cont. USA
Amanda's "Favorites"
Dear Friends, 
It is hard to believe that it has been over twenty-five years since I got my first doll. As many of you know, my mom changed her business from children's clothing to designing and making doll clothes around that same time. You might say that I grew with the American Doll Boutique! I have greatly enjoyed helping my mom and quality testing many an outfit throughout my childhood--and maybe recently, too!

Over these past years, I have found that the greatest addition you can make to your doll's wardrobe are garment pieces that allow you to creatively mix and match to design new outfits. It is for this reason that I am partial to the outfits on this page as I feel they offer endless potential.

May your love of dolls never grow old,
Introducing my daughter, Amanda back in in 1989 and now as the wonderful woman and friend that she has grown to be!
Jumpers & Print Tights
Bunny applique on navy corderoy with pastel blue tights that are adorn with pink roses. Two mini toy "bunny hoppers" are included for leaps and bounds of good times!  

Foot wear add-on choices for this set are crocks, ruffle metallic shoes or boots.
A cute butterfly applique accents this navy jumper and coordinates with the garden of flower print tights.  A mini kaleidoscope is included.  

Foot wear add-on choices for this set are crocks, ruffle metallic shoes or boots.
This set is for the person who loves purple!  Navy corderoy accented with a satin heart that coordinates with the purple striped tights.  A mini yo-yo is included.

Foot wear add-on choices for this set are crocks, ruffle metallic shoes or boots.
These pink tights with red roses are perrrrfect with this black jumper that has an adorable kitten applique on it.  

Foot wear add-on choices for this set are crocks, ruffle metallic shoes or boots.
Do you love everything animal print?  These tights match the cut baby cheetah applique that is on this brown corderoy jumper.  

Foot wear add-on choices for this set are brown or tan boots.
This brown jumper  has pink tights with white mini dots and a shimmery mermaid at the hem.  

Foot wear add-on choices for this set are crocks, ruffle metallic shoes or boots.
This irresistable mouse is  engineering his next meal? Light pink tights with a garden print and a mini paddle ball  make this a fun set.  

Foot wear add-on choices for this set are crocks, ruffle metallic shoes or boot
Whooo doesn't love owls?  The sequine trimmed owl is set on a black jumper and paired with orange and gold striped tights with a mini toy flier.

Foot wear add-on choices for this set are brown or tan boots.
These jumpers have become a boutique favorite! They are fashioned out of soft, fine-wale corduroy and adorned with a colorful applique. Each set comes with a pair of irresistible tights and a versatile white long sleeve jersey.  A mini past-time is included to spark your imagination.

Our favorite playmate is getting ready for a big school presentation and can not decide what shoes to wear!  Does she wear her trendy crocks or her favorite ruffled shoes?  What happens if she gets "cold feet" during this big event?  Can you help her decide what pair of shoes she should wear so she isn't late for school?
Ever-Popular Pop Pants
Pop Pant Sets--$22           
These bright slim legged neon pop pants are available in four dazzling colors.  Each comes with a white T-shirt that is accented with a glitter heart, a mini feather topped pen and an empowering note pan. 

Consider choosing a pair of crocks or sneakers from the selection at the bottom of this page to complete your new look! 

Click on this picture to see the accessory set
Casual Mix & Match

Mini Posies
Bitty ladybugs
Happy Hearts
Positively purple
Peace & love
Lovin' bold
Mini hearts
Rainbow Outer wear         
I love these wardrobe builders.  A rainbow of hues, they are perfect for the girl who likes to mix and match! Each item can either be combined to create a very toasty effect or you can add one of these sets to your present collection.

Please note that the hat, scarf and peace bag are of a mixed color scheme causing each one to be unique.   

Warm trendy Coats-- $16
To help our young earth lovers understand the benefits of recycling, I created these brightly colored jackets out of 100% ecospun polyester fabric reclaimed from recycled plastic bottles. This fun fashion statement comes with a brochure titled The Jacket that Once was a Bottle.

Hat & Scarf--$6
When autumn turns to winter, you might wish to add this cozy fleece hat and scarf!  Made out of rainbow fleece, these sets coordinate with all the coats!

Weekend denim jeans--$6
These straight-leg dark denim jeans are a Saturday favorite! Note that they are no longer trimmed in ric-rac; updated photo coming soon!

Favorite print tees--$6
These soft knit tees come in a variety of faniciful prints! Pair them with weekend denim jeans, or any other pant, legging or skirt in your wardrobe!
Coat Sets~$16   Tshirts~$6   Jeans~$6
Click on image for larger views 
Weekend Denim Jeans ~$6 
Hat & Scarf Set ~$6 
I Heart Collection

 Each "I Heart" set comes with an expressive hoodie, coordinating flannel pants & mini yo-yo.  
"I Heart" Sets ~ $19
Click on image below for larger views
Versatile Holiday Wear

Row 1
    Holiday skirt with sash/hair ribbon-- $6
White shirt --  $6
Dress shoes--$6
These fun print skirts are a budget friendly way to expand your wardrobe.  They are made of brightly printed cotton fabric and have an elastic waist band for easy dressing. Each skirt comes with a satin ribbon that can be used as a sash or in the hair.  

Add a snowy white T-shirt that has one button at the neck for easy dressing!

To further make this set a wardrobe booster, I am offering versatile black or white dress shoes with this set.

Click on image for larger views 

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4
<  Trendy #7
This outfit is perfect for an autumn walk in the park! This rust and brown plaid skirt is complemented by a long sleeve brown knit top. Keep her head warm (and her ensemble complete!) with a coordinating tam. Consider adding brown faux suede boots to hit the trail, or a brown coat for when the day gets cool!
<  Trendy #9
This outfit is perfect for a painting party at your local art studio! A raspberry skirt trimmed in deep plum pairs beautifully with a plum long sleeve knit tee. Top it off with a very trendy denim vest trimmed in tutti-frutti fringe! A mini paint set is included. Purple canvas Mary Janes are the perfect shoe for this set
Trendy #10 >
This firework skirt is paired with a red tee that reads "Love, Support, Appreciate. Thank you to our veterans and service people." It comes with an American flag and two "thank you" cards to be sent to thank a veteran or service person. If you don't know any vets or service people personally, an address is included where your mom or dad could help you mail your notes to men and women in the armed forces who could use a little cheer! Proceeds from this patriotic outfit will be donated to a worthy cause.
Trendy #16>
When you're on stage, you've just got to sparkle!  This skirt set is stunning for a big performance!  A black, long-sleeve jersey matches this royal blue sparkling skirt!  A royal blue sequined belt is just the right finishing touch!  She'll be all ready to shine as she keeps the beat with her musical instrument!
Treat colors vary. 
Contemporary Designs

Fashionable Frames

Where to purchase a doll like the ones seen on this site please be advised that I am in no way associated with this company.  These dolls are used to model my original designs.  I am listing this site as one of my favorite sites to visit when looking to purchase a 18" doll.  American Doll Boutique is not associated with any other doll or doll clothes company. The American Girl Dolls used for models are products of Pleasant Company®/Mattel

Gift Certificates to the American Doll Boutique are available in any denomination for a shopping spree redeemable at any of my show locations, Orchard Park, NY home-based boutique or online website.  Like-new merchandise can be exchanged; gift certificates are non refundable.  
****Please remember fabric, shades and trims may vary slightly due to availability.

****All shoes and stockings are available only as an accessory to an outfit and are limited to one pair per   
     garment.  This assures a nice selection for all of my shoppers.  Thank  you for your understanding.
Please watch your email.   Once I receive your submissions,
I will send you a summarized invoice for your review within 24hrs

All shipping within continental USA is $6 for any size package.

Any questions please feel free to call or email me.

All payments are handled through PayPal unless otherwise requested by phone.

Phone:  716-998-9662
Comments regarding your order on this page
Email address
Placing your order ~ 
you will receive a summarized statement for your review.

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email me
Watch out! This spooky shirt will be sure to startle you!
These skeletons are having a blast dancing and partying while little bats fly all around them.
Pumpkin orange magic is a witch's brew for a fabulously good time.
These skeletons are frightfully happy because they know that they can be a fun shirt to wear all year round!
    Holiday print t-shirts-- $6
Sneakers --  $6
Black jeans--$6
Are you a lover of everything spooky? Then these fun T's are just for you. Sold as separates so you can buy just what you need. Have a spooktacular time browsing!

Be in "the know!" Sign up to receive my newsletter with show date reminders, Open House invitations and other exciting American Doll Boutique news.  

Your records will not be "shared." 
You might notice that many of these styles are sold out. I am in the process of re-imagining this line of fashions in my boutique for 2019. 

American Doll Boutique 
Sandie Lohiser

4715 Duerr Road
Orchard Park, NY  14127

Home-based boutique open by appointment

(716) 998-9662

To see some of my latest fashions,
visit my Etsy shop!

Click here

Lt pink sport sock--$4
Black sport sock--$4
Hot pink sport sock--$4
Dark teal sport sock--$4
Dk purple sport sock--$4
White sport sock--$4
C~ Bright Pink
C~ Light Pink
C~ Light Blue
C~ Dark Teal
C~ Dark Purple
C~ Bright Green
C~ White
C~ Bright Yellow
SK~ Bright Pink
SK~ Ligtht Pink
SK~ Bright Yellow
SK~ Dark Purple
SK~ Red
SN~ Black
SN~ Dark Pink
SN~ Light Pink
SN~ Dark Purple
SN~ Orange
Bunny jumper set--$22
Butterfly jumper set--$22
Heart jumper set--$22
Kitten jumper set--$22
Baby cheetah jumper set--$22
Mermaid jumper set--$22
Mouse jumper set--$22
Owl jumper set--$22
Purple pop pant set--$22
Yellow pop pant set--$22
Teal-blue pop pant set--$22
Green pop pant set--$22
Blue Coat Set
Pink Coat Set
Purple Coat Set
Purple Coat Set
Mini posies--$6
Bitty ladybugs--$6
Happy hearts
Positively purple--$6
Peace & love--$6
Lovin' bold--$6
Mini hearts--$6
Shoes-see drop menu
1D Spooky Eyes
1B Boo to you!
1E Black sneakers
1C Jingle Pups
2A Valentine's Day
1D Party time!
2B Happy Halloween
2E Purple sneakers
2C Penguin Party
3A Happy Easter
3D Halloween Magic
3B Talkin' Turkey!
3E Orange sneakers
3C Ho, Ho, Ho
4A St. Patty's Day
4D Frightfully happy
4B Chanuka Lights
3E Black jeans
4C Frosty
Woodland skirt set--$17
Black and tan platform shoes--$6
Black canvas sneakers--$6
Black faux patent shoes--$6
Cat trimmed skirt set $19
Leopard skirt set-- SOLD OUT
Black thigh highs--$4
Beige suede boots--$10
Love pant set-- SOLD OUT
Floral corduroy skirt set-- SOLD OUT
Cream thigh highs--$4
Red elastic bow shoes--$6
Hot pink velour skirt set--$22
Hot pink bow shoes--$6
Black thigh highs--$4
Trendy black flower glasses--$8
Brown & rust autumn skirt, top & tam-- SOLD OUT
Brown faux suede boots--$10
Brown coat & tote set--$16
Brown coat & tote set--$16
White shirt--$6
Brown pants, SOLD OUT
Brown strap shoes--$6
Artsy fringed vest & skirt set--$22
Purple canvas Mary Janes--$6
Patriotic Support set--$22
White canvas sneakers$6
Skirt, jersey, tam set-- SOLD OUT
Cream thigh-high stockings--$4
Brown cozy boots--$10
Purple and navy flower set with recorder--$17
Bright pink diamond toe shoes--$6
Pink cupcake set with game--$17
Brown sweetheart shoes--$6
Pink Cheetah skirt, SOLD OUT
Pink dress shoes--$6
Black thigh high lace stockings--$4
Brightly printed skirt SOLD OUT
Dark purple elastic bow shoes--$6
Plum sweater knit skirt set-- SOLD OUT
Metallic lavender shoes--$6
Tan cozy boots--$10
Cream thigh high stockings--$4
Vibrant skirt set--sold out
Blue sequin skirt set-- SOLD OUT
Black diamond toe shoes--$6
Black thigh-high stockings--$4
Pink T-shirt--$6
Denim skirt & cupcake sash--$6
White canvas sneakers--$6
Cupcake charmer necklace--$2
Cupcake apron set--$14
Junior vest, skirt & flag--$14
White dress shoes--$6
Brown vest, pants & flag--$14
Brown dress shoes--$6
Daisy vest, pants & flag--$14
Blue dress shoes--$6
Cadet vest, skirt & flag--$14
Aqua angle fish shorts & purple top--$14
Pastel fish shorts & dark pink top--$14
Flamingo shorts & pink top--$14
Starfish shorts & aqua top--$14
Happy whale shorts & purple top--$14
Aqua glasses--$8
Black polka dot glasses--$8
Pink glasses--$8
Aqua polka dot glasses--$8
Purple glasses--$8
Star glasses--$8
Green flower glasses--$8
Black flower glasses--$8
Blue posies on yellow glasses case--$2
Garden flowers on yellow glasses case--$2
Rosebuds on green glasses case--$2
Blue & yellow patchwork glasses case--$2
Black sport sock--$4
ASL-American Sign Language
Peace-brown & teal
Peace-green & pastels