These fashions are made with bridal satin and is accented with a selection of floral trim, Venice lace, organza and satin embellishments to offer an array of designs so that you will be sure to find a dress that fits your favorite playmate's personality.  

These are one piece garments. The reference to the skirt and bodice is indicating the upper and lower sections of the dresses.

Each dress comes with a veil, Bible marker and liturgical colors brochure.

Thank you for including us in this very special day!

Communion 1  >
This dress offers the look elegance and simplicity. A satin bodice trimmed with lace and a full skirt with a floral lace overlay is trimmed with a dash of sparkle at the bow's center.   
Communion 3 >
This design offers the simplicity of the sleeveless dress with the delicate elegance that Venice lace lends to any fashion that it graces.  Adorned with a crisp satin sash.  Your favorite playmate will be sure to feel extra pretty on her special day.

<  Communion 4
This A-line dress is a comfy design adorned with chains of daisies from neck to hem!  Perfect to those like easy on and off wardrobe items as it has a single button on the neckline.

<  Communion 
Every First Communion dress comes with a veil that attaches with a spring barrette. A Bible marker and brochure about liturgical colors is also included. Like all dresses sold at, they are back is finished with buttons.

Communion 3  >
Stunning and shimmery best describe this dress. Lace trimmed at the neck and sleeves top, this skirt has an overlay of shimmery organdy and is finished with a satin flower.  

***includes veil, Bible marker & brochure
***includes veil, Bible marker & brochure
9.  This classic Christmassy dress is as festive as can be! A black velveteen bodice finished with touches of white lace is joined with a black green plaid taffeta skirt. A holly berry red sash completes the look. This dress comes with a stocking to hang on the mantle.
Finishing Touches
Up to now, our wider variety of stockings as seen on our "models" have only been available to our local boutique customers.  In the event that you would like to add them to your order, we are now offering them here.

So there is enough for everyone,
one pair per dress please
Boutique dress #6  >
Posies dance across a soft pink dress, which is accented by a rosey pink sash. She'll have loads of fun seranading you with her kazoo!
< Boutique dress #1
Mint green and white flowers on a pink sleeveless dress with white lace trim, oversized white rose embellishment, pink satin sash and a princess puzzle.
Boutique dress #4  >
Scandinavian-inspired floral motifs dot this soft pink dress accented with a white bow and bumble bee adornment. A "spectacular spinner" top is included.
Garden Dress #D1
This nautical dress is made of cheery yellow cotton that is spangled with blue and white stars. A white sash with a coordinating yellow star button complete the look. Help her float her toy boat in some water - but don't get wet!
Boutique dress #13
Brown-eyed Susans and cornflowers decorate this off-white dress with a goldenrod sash. A mini card game is included!
Boutique dress #12
This white dress is the perfect backdrop for a garden of sunny blossoms! A coordinating flower button and ribbon complete the look. She'll have to help her doll remember all she's practiced on her very own gold recorder.
Holiday Wear
Please note~
I am working on a new selection of dresses! These new fashions will be posted mid-August. 
Until then, please be aware of the "sold-out" items while you are making your selection.  
Holiday Shoes
Please remember that we limit one pair of shoes per outfit.  If you are purchasing more than one holiday set and would like additional shoes of the same design, please use the area below to express your wishes.  Thank you!
Boutique dress #2 >
Retro white polka dots dance across a chocolate dress with a buttercream sash and ribbon rose embellishment. A gnome poem and activity kit are included.
Boutique dress #7
This dress is as vibrant as a Southwestern sunset! Yellow, orange and pink sunbursts dazzle diagonally across a pink dress that's finished off with a rosy sash. A mini composition book will hold all her travel memories!
Boutique dress #9
This cool aqua dress is covered in white flowers that look like paper cut-outs! It is accented with a wide white satin sash and a bold pink flower button. A Lisa Frank game will keep her entertained!
Boutique dress #8 >
This Alpine-blue dress is covered in flowers, and is accented with a bold red ribbon rose and pearl bead. A gnome poem and activity set provide imaginative adventures!
Boutique dress #10  >
This bold floral print could adorn a china tea cup at the palace! Morning Glories and other blossoms are adorned with a white ribbon and bumble bee embellishment. She'll be ready to strike up the band with a miniature instrument.
Boutique dress #14  >
This sunny dress is covered in blue forget-me-nots! A blue satin bow simply finishes the dress. A flying saucer toy will keep her busy!
Boutique dress #11
This sweet dress would be perfect for Valentine's Day! Cheerful pink flowers and hearts cover the dress, which is accented by a purple bead and white bow. A heart maze is fun for all!
< Boutique dress #3  
Darling primroses are scattered on a baby pink dress that is accented with a wide purple sash and comes with a paddleball activity.
Boutique dress #5
White filigree vines cover a bold berry pink dress which is accented with a white satin sash and sparkly butterfly buton. A butterfly toy is included.
Dresses on Parade!
This year my dresses have sold almost as fast as I have completed them! This made it difficult to keep my website current.  I decided to show you a "parade" of past fashions so you could see how my designs fit your favorite playmate.  Below the slide show, you will find a variety of dresses...many are the last of their style.  Place your order and watch for a reply to make sure your selection is still in my boutique.  If not, I will offer you a alternative for you to consider.

First Communion Dresses
Garden Dress #D2  >
This elegant floral would be at home in any parlor from Colonial to Victorian times. Multicolor roses cover the creamy background, and is accented with puff sleeves and a ribbon rose. The miniature cards are a perfect parlor game!
Garden Dress #D3
Delicate hearts and vines are filligreed in white over a baby blue puff sleeved dress. A miniature full-color reproduction book of a popular chubby little bear is included..
Garden Dress #D4  >
This soft pink floral against a deep navy calico gives this tea-length dress an elegant look.  Includes a mini fairy kite.
Garden Dress #D5
Look closely at this bright pink dress, and you'll see a world of white daisies, vines and birds hidden within! A wide white sash completes the look, and a miniature full-color Beatrix Potter book is a lovely read.
Garden Dress #D6  >
This dress is as bold as a southwestern sunset! Colorful geometric patterns cover this pink dress, which is accented with a white ribbon and eye-catching bead. A yoyo set gives her a fun toy and history!
Garden Dress #D7
This cheery retro pattern features blue and pink posies on a pale pink backdrop. It is accented with a matching sash and ribbon rose. Two finger puppets fit perfectly over her doll's hands - let the play commence!
Garden Dress #D8 >
Daisy chains stream down this dress and meet in a beautiful V down the bodice. Cap sleeves complete the look, along with a white ribbon and button embellishment. Mini "poppers" provide giggles and fun!
Garden Dress #D9
Soft garden print with gilt accents on a soft green background with puffed long sleeves and a full version mini Beatrix Potter book.
Garden Dress #D10  >
A deep burgundy dress featuring rosy, white and pewter grey flowers makes this a unique and vintage frock. A wide white satin sash and coordinating button finishes it. A fun craft project is included!
Garden Dress #D11
Lovely pink and gold spring blossoms cover this light pink dress. A fun butterfly maze is included!
Garden Dress #D12  >
You can practically smell the lilacs when you see this dress! A white sash is the perfect finishing touch! A worry doll will keep her worry-free!
Garden Dress #D13
Darling purple and rosy flowers on a key-lime green tea-length dress with puffed sleeves, flower button adornment and garden sticker activity.
Garden Dress #D14  >
Soft pink and blue flowers on a pale pink tea-length dress with eyelet trim, cap sleeves, purple satin ribbon, spirograph history and toy.
Please remember, these fashions on "Parade" are past styles and are just for your viewing pleasure!
Please remember, these fashions on "Parade" are past styles and are just for your viewing pleasure!
Heritage Look-- This section has been very popular this year. I am sorry to say, most styles are sold out.  
Watch for more to be posted this winter!
These classic designs are made for the doll who wants to step back in time!  Each of these elegant outfits features skirts that flow to the toes.  From homespun cotton long sleeve dresses to fancy shantung skirt sets, your doll will love these vintage styles!
Heritage #H1
This lovely rose and gold dress is accented with generously puffed sleeves and a white sash and heart adornment. A hair accessory completes the ensemble.
Heritage #H2>
This lavender dress is accented with an elegant floral tapestry. A hair piece is the perfect finishing touch!
Heritage #H4
A perfect dress for tea! China blue flowers on a white floor-length dress with heritage sleeves and a satin bow. After tea, see if you can "out-fox" your friends in a card game with these animal-themed cards.
Heritage #H5 >
Bouquets of wildflowers adorn this lavender floor-length dress with heritage sleeves and a purple satin sash. Play a little tune on the wooden bird whistle!
Heritage #H6
Delicate white butterflies on a baby pink floor-length dress with heritage sleeves and trimmed with  a ribbon butterfly adornment.  A warble bird whistle and brochure is included
Heritage #H7 >
Yellow roses adorn a sky-blue floor-length dress with heritage sleeves and a white ribbon rose and sash. A diary to keep track of daydreams is included.
< Boutique dress accessory--close-up
Turn any sleeveless dress into a year-round style by adding the adorable white fuzzy shrug for only $6.
Now available in black!
Garden Dress #D15
This delicate navy on white floral print is edged in wide white lace and comes with a mini Raggedy Ann with a fun brochure to spark your love for this adorable storybook series.
Garden Dress #D16  >
This pretty turquoise blue dress features royal blue flowers and elegant white lace trimmings. A white satin adornment sets off the skirt. A mini yoyo and history are included.
Garden Dress #D17
This pretty turquoise blue dress features royal blue flowers and elegant white lace trimmings. A white satin adornment sets off the skirt. A mini yoyo and history are included.
Garden Dress #D18  >
This sweet pale olive-green dress is adorned with rose blossoms and a coordinating ribbon. A miniature Beatrix Potter book is the perfect afternoon read!
Garden Dress #D19
Garden fresh, this dress is of shades of green and pinks and has puffed long sleeves.  A fun pancake set is included.
Heritage #H8
Periwinkle flowers dance on a navy blue floor-length dress with heritage sleeves. A generous satin bow with matching flower button finishes this dress. A mini wooden peg game is included.
Heritage #H9 >
She'll be pretty in pink in this floor-length dress with delicate white filigree flowers. A pink cabbage rose accents the waist. A mini puzzle will entertain her!
Heritage #H10
Dark purple lavender blossoms spread across a lavender field of this floor-length dress with heritage sleeves. A bright white cabbage rose makes a statement at the waist! A worry doll is included.
Heritage #H11 >
Whimsical magenta flowers dance across a forest green floor-lenth dress with heritage sleeves with a flowing magenta satin sash. She can entertain an audience with her pink recorder!
Heritage #H12
Mini dots adorn a salmon background of this lush, premium cotton. Puffed sleeves and a white satin sash make this a sure favorite. A vintage ribbon bow and hair accessories are included.
Heritage #H13 >
Brightly colored dot print on a cocoa brown calico with bold lace and a generous white satin sash that ties in the back.  A mini "horse lover" accessory is included.
Heritage #H14
Deep red heritage mini flower print dress with a flowing satin bow at the neckline.  A mini activity set is included.
Heritage #H15 >
Delicately patriotic, this blue on blue mini print is trimmed with cluny lace and has a star spangle adornment. A mini wooden tambourine and "Strike Up the Band" brochure is included.
***includes veil, Bible marker & brochure
***includes veil, Bible marker & brochure
***includes veil, Bible marker & brochure

7. Add some festive cheer to any wardrobe with a party-length metallic green, black & white taffeta skirt, a jingle bell necklace and a magical Christmas poem. 

The Jingle Bell Skirt is a budget friendly item intended to be paired with a top already in your wardrobe or pair it with the knit tee in holiday #11
Holiday Cape Selections 
11.  Our Everyday Essentials skirts are perfect for a casual holiday look that is budget friendly but certainly not short on style! Three adorable flared skirts pair beautifully with a crisp white tee or any shirt she already has in her wardrobe. For a finishing touch, adorable coordinating charmer necklaces are available.
Simply Elegant
These "Simply Elegant" boutique dresses are made of beautiful cotton prints, trimmed with crisp white lace, satin ribbons and a variety of adornments.  They may sound expensive, but they are part of my "budget-friendly" designs.  Add a plush shrug and it is year-round perfect!
Boutique Chic
What's pink and black and cute all over? The ADB's line of BOUTIQUE CHIC dresses! Crisp cotton dresses in a variety of prints featuring black and pink are among my young shoppers' favorites.

To keep her warm on cool days, add a soft velour shrug in black or white. Each shrug comes with a matching mini organza drawstring bag. Shoes, stockings and trendy heart ribbon charmer are sold separately.
Boutique Chic black daisy print
Boutique Chic black with pink polka dots
Boutique Chic damask
Boutique Chicmini print
Boutique Chic filigree
Boutique Chic pink with black hearts
Faerie Tale Fantasies!
These faerie tale dresses are perfect for the little girl with a fantastical imagination! 
Faerie Tale Fantasies 1
This fanciful dress contains a practical secret - the bodice is a separate blouse! Consider pairing the blouse with a garden skirt, or the organdy overlay skirt with a white shirt in her wardrobe!
Faerie Tale Fantasies 2
These dresses are inspired by the Regency period - and lots of Jane Austen BBC dramas! A gilded floral print of buttermilk or rose are accented with puffed sleeves and a ribbon tied at an empire waistline. A metalic gold hairpiece completes the look!
Dickens London Blue taffeta
Sold out
Evergreen and Navy plaid taffeta
Green and Black Mistletoe taffeta
Glitter Gold and Black taffeta
6  This soft velour cape is edged in elegant white trim. The full hood, which ties at the neck with a generous white satin bow, will keep her warm on cold winter nights! The close-up shows a white faux-fur muff, which she might wish to use to keep her hands extra toasty! (Please note that as the dolls arms don't bend, the muff is for looks only!)
10.  This stylish reverse-seamed faux fur coat is incredibly plush and soft! It is accented with a golden button (button designs vary) and comes with a gold-braid trimmed hat.

In the close-up, you'll see the Cranberry Spice holiday dress! This richly colored polished cotton is as sweet as a holiday treat - and budget-friendly, too! Consider adding the perfectly matched Cranberry Spice shoes!
8. This festive outfit is as comfortable as it is stylish! A soft stretch velour skirt in a Christmassy red and green plaid pairs adorably with a black knit top. Tie the green sash around her waist to complete the look!
***More holiday shoes at the end of this section
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Garden Dresses
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****All shoes and stockings are available only as an accessory to an outfit and are limited to one pair per   
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1. This skirt set is the perfect addition to any girl's wardrobe with a versatile black satin blouse paired with a red and silver brocade skirt. This set also comes with a surprise mini holiday toy to wrap and store under the tree to give to someone special on Christmas morning! 

2. "Comfy and adorable" best describe this cape-sleeved red A-line dress. The knit has a red sparkle weave (not glitter) throughout the fabric and is contrasted with dark green edging. A cute bendy elf is included.

3. For a classic look, consider this one-piece dress made of a black velour bodice and stretch evergreen velveteen. The red flowerette has a rhinestone center which echos the sparkle dots that adorn this lovely dress. A mini reindeer finger puppet is included.

4.  Whether you are celebrating Chanukah or New Year's Eve, this silver on silver A-line dress is beautifully accented with blue edging and a sliver snowflake ribbon sash. Everyone enjoys a fun game of dreidel! A mini wooden toy and game rules are included.

5. Versatile and dressy! A white blouse is paired with a skirt in a variety of elegant plaid taffetas and is cinched at the waist with a generous satin ribbon.  Each skirt set comes with a mini nutcracker ornament. 

The velveteen cape is available below in a variety of colors!

Please note: hosiery has been listed as thigh highs. They are very easy to put on as you dress one leg at a time. If you prefer tights, they are only available in white and can be purchased at the bottom of this page.

<  Communion 2
For the girl who loves a little sparkle in her wardrobe, this brocade is for her!  Shimmering butterflies and posies adorn the skirt while iridescent lace caps off the sleeves and neckline..
***includes veil, Bible marker & brochure
C1~Venice lace trimmed sleeveless dress--$30
C2~Lace bodice dress--$30
C5~A-line & bolero jacket--$30
C3~V trimmed bodice--$30
C4~Organdy skirted dress--$30
Holiday dress shoes--black bow--$6
Holiday dress shoes--white bow--$6
Holiday dress shoes--metallic silver--$6
Holiday dress shoes--metallic gold --$6
Holiday dress shoes--white round dot--$6
Holiday dress shoes--black round dot--$6
Fun ahoy! dress--$16
White sweetheart shoes--$6
Peach garden print dress--$18
White sweetheart shoes--$6
Baby blue hearts and vines dress--$19
White round dot shoes--$6
Navy/pink dress w fairy kite--$19
White elastic bow shoes--$6
Bright pink mini bird print dress--$19
Bright pink bow shoes--$6
Pink mini print dress--$17
Navy diamond shoes--$6
Pink cabbage rose dress--$17
Light pink elastic bow shoes--$6
Daisy Chain Pink dress--$18
Dark pink diamond toe shoes--$6
Garden print dress & book--$19
Light pink baby heart shoes--$6
Shades of burgundy and rose dress--$19
Metallic silver princess shoes--$6
Spring is here! dress--$16
Kelly green dress shoes--$6
Bunches of lilacs dress--$19
White side bow shoes--$6
Green & purple dress--$16
Lavender sweetheart shoes--$6
Dark purple diamond toe shoes--$6
Heritage Collection purple floral-$22
Burgundy dress shoes--$6
Navy sweetheart shoes--$6
Lavender diamond-toe shoes--$6
White dot shoes--$6
Light blue sweetheart shoes--$6
Bright blue side bow shoes--$6
Navy floral dress--$17
Navy dress shoes--$6
Turquoise and royal blue dress--$19
White elastic bow shoes--$6
Aqua w navy daisies dress --$19
Aqua side bow shoes--$6
Pale Olive Rose Blossom dress: $19
White diamond toe shoes--$6
Green & pink dress with pancake set--$19
White side bow shoes--$6
White ankle bow shoes--$6
Navy diamond toe shoes--$6
Light pink mini print dress & puzzle--$17
Mint green dot shoes--$6
Purple ribbon toe shoes--$6
Magenta diamond toe shoes--$6
Limited edition heritage dress w hair accessories--$22
White ballet flat shoes--$6
Brown dot shoes--$6
White dot shoes--$6
Patriotic heritage dress & toy--$20
White dot shoes--$6
Light pink ankle bow shoes--$6
Magenta diamond toe shoes--$6
Navy strap shoes--$6
Full body white tights--$4
White round dot shoes--$6
White elastic bow shoes--$6
White splendid strap shoes--$6
Light pink dress--sold out
Mint green splendid dress shoes
Chocolate brown polka dot dress--$14
Pink w purple garden print dress--$14
Light pink dress shoes--$6
Soft pink bumble bee dress--$14
Soft pink dress shoes--$6
Soft pink lovely garden print dress --$14
Soft pink sweet heart shoes--$6
Rose print with glitter butterfly dress--$14
Metallic pink dress shoes--$6
Pink mini print dress--$14
Black splendid shoes--$6
Pink butterfly dress & book--$14
Light pink round dot shoes--$6
Aqua lace dress--$14
Dark pink side bow shoes--$6
Yellow morning glories dress--$14
White sweetheart shoes--$6
Vibrant floral dress--$14
Dark pink shoes--$6
Cheery pink dress--$14
Dark purple elastic bow shoes--$6
Shasta daisy dress--$14
White splendid dress shoes--$6
Navy diamond toe dress shoes--$6
Forget-me-not dress--$14
Forget-me-not blue dress shoes--$6
Soft pink sweetheart shoes--$6
Soft pink elastic bow shoes--$6
Heritage collection mini print--$22
White splendid strap shoes--$6
Metallic pink shoes--$6
Purple side-bow shoes--$6
White ankle bow shoes--$6
Periwinkle heritage dress & games--$17
White strap ballet flat shoes--$6
Metallic lavender shoes--$6
White princess slip-on shoes--$6
White Shrug--$6
Black Shrug--$6
Chocolate brown dress shoes--$6
Dark pink side bow shoes--$6
Light pink dress shoes--$6
Navy diamond shoes--$6
White sweetheartss shoes--$6
BC black daisy--$16
BC Black w pink polka dots--$16
BC Damask--$16
BC Black mini print--$16
BC Filigree--$16
BC Pink w hearts--$16
Dark pink dress shoes--$6
Metallic pink dress shoes--$6
Black faux patent dress shoes--$6
Black shrug--$6
Black thigh high stockings--$4
White shrug--$6
White thigh high stockings--$4
White bow shoes--$6
Kelly green shoes--$6
Dark pink side bow shoes--$6
Navy dress shoes--$6
Dark purple sweetheart dress shoes-$6
Pink daisy organdy princess--$19
Lavender organdy princess--$19
Light pink princess shoes--$6
Silver princess shoes--$6
Lavender princess shoes--$6
Shimmery purple princess--$16
Shimmery pink princess--$16
Silver metallic dress shoes--$6
Lavender metallic dress shoes--$6
Pink metallic dress shoes--$6
Gold princess dress & hair bow--$22
Pink princess dress & hair bow--$22
Gold metallic dress shoes--$6
Green metallic gingham holiday skirt set --$10
Red dress shoes--$6
Liberty Blue Cape--$19
Mulberry Spice Cape--$19
Winter Rose Cape sold out
Midnight Black Cape---$19
Faux Fur Muff--$6
Holly Berry Cape--$19
Winter Wonderland Boots--$10
Faux fur coat and hat--$22
Cranberry Spice holiday dress--$16
Cranberry Spice shoes--$6
A (left) Winter Berry sold out
B Dickens London Blue sold out
C Evergreen and Navy Plaid taffeta and velveteen dress $20
D Green and Black Mistletoe taffeta and velveteen dress $20
E Glitter Gold and Black taffeta and velveteen dress $20
Metallic pink shoes--$6
Peppermint candy skirt--$6
Green dress shoes--$6
Penguin charmer necklace--$2
Candy cane skirt---$6
Candy cane charmer necklace--$2
Trendy velveteen plaid skirt set--$19
Green shoes--$6
Enamel tree charmer--$2
Heart ribbon charmer--$2
Brocade holiday skirt set--$19
Red A-line holiday dress--$16
Evergreen velveteen holiday dress--$19
white thigh highs--$4
Plaid taffeta skirt set--$19 select from below
Jeweled silver shoes--$6
Metallic gold shoes--$6
Metallic red shoes--$6
Metallic blue shoes--$6
black faux patent leather shoes--$6
Black thigh highs--$4
white thigh highs--$4
black thigh highs--$4
white thigh highs--$4
white thigh highs--$4
5A Evergreen & navy skirt, blouse & nutcracker--$19
5B Classic Christmas skirt, blouse & nutcracker--$19
5C Candy Cane Christmas skirt, blouse & nutcracker--$19
5D Dickens London Blue skirt, blouse & nutcracker--$19