Where to purchase a doll like the ones seen on this site please be advised that I am in no way associated with this company.  These dolls are used to model my original designs.  I am listing this site as one of my favorite sites to visit when looking to purchase a 18" doll.  American Doll Boutique is not associated with any other doll or doll clothes company. The American Girl Dolls used for models are products of Pleasant Company®/Mattel

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Growing with your little girl:

By giving  your little girl a baby doll, she is developing fine motor skills gained by dressing and undressing her baby.  Having such a special little friend also instills in her a love of dolls that will last a lifetime.

Many girls enjoy their baby doll so much that they can hardly wait to be old enough for the larger eighteen inch doll.  It is for this reason that we offer many styles that fit both the 15 and the 18 inch dolls, creating a wardrobe for now and for the future!

The ADB presents favorite styles that
will grow with your child's needs.
Favorite garments for your baby doll
"I Heart"
The American Doll Boutique offers an ever-changing selection of print flannel doll pants with a matching white hoodie that has a matching decal that expresses things that girls (AND boys dolls) love to love! From ladybugs to mermaids and from frogs to dogs; there is something for everyone in this fun collection!                   $19

Buffalo Pride
A Buffalo Pride hoodie and pants set comes with a list of 52 things to do in the Buffalo area. Keeping with the Buffalo trend, colors of these sets are often changing. The current set includes a light pink hoodie with dark pink flannel pants.                                                      $20 

Ask about Buffalo "fan wear" by giving me a call!

These items can be seen and ordered on the 
Trendy page 
Slumber Shirt 
Its off to dreamland in a cozy flannel slumber shirt.  Available in many different prints and includes surprise plush animal to snuggle up to at bedtime!                $14

These sleep items can be seen and ordered on the 
Trendy page 

A boutique collection for your favorite Wellie!
I've had so many requests for clothes for the new 14" Wellie Doll that I've designed a special Boutique Collection just for her! These easy-to-dress separates are made of whimsical patterns that can all be mixed and matched. A child can combine a blouse and skirt of the same pattern to make a "dress" or combine any colors and patterns together to create a combination all their own. Blouses close with a single child-friendly snap at the neck and are open in the back for hanging out or tucking in. 
Each separate item (blouse, skirt, shoes, jeans) is $6 each.
Something adorable for the holidays!
This festive skirt fits neatly into the color scheme of the Boutique Collection items. An assortment of Christmas decorations are whimsically scattered upside-down and right-side-up over a minty green background.
Sweet Dreams Flannel Nightie
This soft flannel nightie is made with a stretchy elastic neck for easy dressing, and comes with a surprise full-color illustrated Beatrix Potter book (books vary).

Sweet Dreams Overnight bedding
These fleece-lined slumber bedding bags come with a matching pillow and a surprise plush animal friend (animal designs vary).
Your Wellie Boutique Collection items will come individually packaged. Shoes all come with a matching ribbon sash.
American Doll Boutique 
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4715 Duerr Road
Orchard Park, NY  14127

Home-based boutique open by appointment

(716) 998-9662
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Skirt Set   
Everyday Essentials white T-shirts can be pair with these easy-to-dress skirts. Choose from sweet garden florals, festive holiday prints or fan wear that sport some of our favorite movie and tv characters.                $6 per shirt or skirt. .

These items can be seen and ordered on the 
Trendy page.
This cute little face will appear throughout the website and indicates outfits that fit both size dolls.  The photos below are for reference on how the itmes will look on your baby doll, but must be selected and submitted for purchase on the main pages.

Pant set
For Saturday play and weekday activities, the Everyday Essentials pants and print tees are perfect for this little one's adventures! Jeans come in black or blue. Tshirts come in an array of fun prints to choose from. Boy tees include frogs, fire trucks or  flags.                $6/separate

Coat Set
An earth-friendly shopping bag and matching coat is perfect for cold days! These coat sets are available in a rainbow of color  perfect for girl or boy baby dolls.     $16                           
Hat Set
Add the scarf and hat to keep her extra cozy.            $6         

These items can be seen on the 
Trendy page
If your baby needs inspiration to be potty trained, you might want to get her a pretty pair of panties!  Available in white pastels and in fun prints.                                                    $4

These items can be seen and ordered on the 
Trendy page 
Sleeping bag set
Have fun putting on a show using the flashlight and brochure on hand shadowing included in the slumber set.  This fleece lined sleeping bag will keep her toasty on those chilly nights! This sleep-over necessity comes in so many so many fun prints, you will have a hard time deciding which one is your favorite!            $20
Bathrobe set 
Bathrobe set includes a bath time buddy and a set of hair curlers to put away for more grown up days ahead!  This year's robes now come in a soft plush material and comes in pink, purple, white and other shates that coordinate with the slumbershis. Remember, your doll does not like water.                      $20 
A little mommy can keep her babies' toes warm with these brightly colored socks.      $4

These items can be seen and ordered on the 
Trendy page 

Choose from chunky sneakers, Velcro strap shoes, croc-like slip-ons and white sport shoes for your baby doll.                              $6

These items can be seen and ordered on the
Trendy page  

Little girls who have the toddler dolls have often asked if my Fun Wear fits their doll. Many will. However, keep in mind that the doll's arms are cloth and do not look good in sleeveless outfits.  Also, their arms and legs are bent so they can be challenging to dress in some of these sets.

Martial Arts
For the young martial artist in training, this crisp white uniform set also includes an informative brochure and a practice board for posing.                                          $22

This little fella is hoping to score a winning goal in Pee Wee soccer!  Good luck!!!     $22

Look for this cute little face to 
find more active possibilities.

These items can be seen and ordered on the 
Fun Wear page
I know that this concept is new for my first time shoppers.  Please feel free to email me or better yet, call me so we can enjoy chatting about these adorable baby dolls! 

Sandie.Lohiser@gmail.com      716-998-9662
****Please remember fabric, shades and trims may vary slightly due to availability.

****All shoes and stockings are available only as an accessory to an outfit and are limited to one pair per   
     garment.  This assures a nice selection for all of my shoppers.  Thank  you for your understanding.
Please watch your email.   Once I receive your submissions,
I will send you a summarized invoice for your review within 24hrs

All shipping within continental USA is $6 for any size package.

Any questions please feel free to call or email me.

All payments are handled through PayPal unless otherwise requested by phone.

Phone:  716-998-9662
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Duds for your boy doll!
These wardrobe staples are perfect for a day in the sun! A solid tee pairs easily with shorts that could double as swim trunks.  Each set comes with a tee, shorts and toy.  Sneakers sold separately.
For the boy who spends his summers on a dude ranch (or dreams of it one day) these rugged sets are the perfect fit! These mix 'n' match packs can be combined with other everyday essentials like jeans to make full outfits, or can be purchased on their own for wardrobe starters.  Combine them with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots ($8 each) and you will be ready to kick up dust with your posse!
Nothing's better than a favorite tee! These print and solid tees are perfect with jeans.

Keeps warm and stylish with this coat made from recycled pop bottles! Bedecked with a removable recycling pin, these coats pair smartly with a hat and scarf for chilly school days.
Hover for close-up
When it comes to comfort and style, nothing beats a hoodie! Choose from two different kinds - fleece and sweatshirt knit. Fleece hoodies are sold separately so you can add them to your existing wardrobe or pair them with a new pair of jeans. Each one comes with a coordinating toy.

​One pair of boots 
and/or hat per outfit please.

Each set comes with graphic tee, coordinating bandanna and mini horse ( colors horse style vary)
Order Jeans below
Please remember, so there are enough shoes for everyone, one per outfit please.
These cozy white sweatshirts are emblazoned with things you love to love! They come with coordinating flannel pants and an emoji popper toy. For an even bigger selection, visit my home-based boutique in Orchard Park, or call for more details.
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Teal Polka Dot blouse
Garden Party blouse
Bold Blossoms blouse
Robin's Egg blouse
Pink Confetti blouse
Carnation Solid blouse
Wild Flowers blouse
Daisy Petal Solid blouse
Pink Polka Dot blouse
Wild Flowers skirt
Pink Polka Dot skirt
Bold Blossoms skirt
Garden Party skirt
Teal Polka Dot skirt
Shimmer Stripe skirt
Pink Confetti skirt
Cornflower Blue jeans
Carnation Solid blouse
Daisy Petal Solid blouse
Holiday Skirt
Lavender Sweet Dreams Nightie--$14
Rosie Sweet Dreams Nightie--$14
Robin's Egg Sweet Dreams Night--$14
Sparkle Dots overnight bedding & suprise friend--$20
Zany Chevron overnight bedding & suprise friend--$20
Celebration overnight bedding & suprise friend--$20
Clownin' Around Black tee, shorts & fish toy--$16
Cool Cabana Aqua tee, shorts & toy boat--$16
Treasure Island Red tee, shorts & spyglass-$16
black sneakers--$6
Navy sneakers--$6
black sneakers--$6
White tee--$6
Black boots--$8
Black boots--$8
Brown boots--$8
Brown hat--$8
Rodeo Ranch Khakiset--$12
Rodeo Ranch Khaki set--$12
Winding Trail Stables Burgundy--$12
Classic white tee-$6
Aquarium blue tee-$6
Nautical flags tee-$6
Black sneakers--$6
Navy sneakers--$6
Red sneakers-$6
Black jeans-$6
Blue jeans-$6
Sharp red coat-$16
Houndstooth hat & scarf-$6
Alpine hat & scarf-$6
Cool blue coat--$16
Camo hoodie with pretend bug collection--$12
Emoji hoodie with smiley maze--$12
Tie-dyed hoodie with flyer toy--$12
Buffalo tie-dye with pullback quarterback racer-$12
Bills hoodie and blue flannel pants-$19
Frog hoodie & ffroggie flannel pants--$19