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This pretty little face indicates outfits that will fit both your full size doll as well as the baby and baby twins! Don't forget to check these styles out on the Baby page!
****Please remember fabric, shades and trims may vary slightly due to availability.

****All shoes and stockings are available only as an accessory to an outfit and are limited to one pair per   
     garment.  This assures a nice selection for all of my shoppers.  Thank  you for your understanding.
Where to purchase a doll like the ones seen on this site please be advised that I am in no way associated with this company.  These dolls are used to model my original designs.  I am listing this site as one of my favorite sites to visit when looking to purchase a 18" doll.  American Doll Boutique is not associated with any other doll or doll clothes company. The American Girl Dolls used for models are products of Pleasant Company®/Mattel

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Tropical Dreams
This section holds several outfits that will help inspire fantasies of time at the beach.  Just remember~ Although your favorite playmate like to pretend to be at the beach, she really doesn't like water or sand!

Sunny Beach Sets 
These sets are filled with fun for the sun!  Each swimsuit comes with both a fun beach ball and friend of the sea pretend float.  Colors of these inflatable toys vary.   

Don't forget to check out the warm weather footwear listed in this section for fun add ons.

Hip Hop Dance Set--$22​
Whether the routine is choreographed or freestyle, our dancer will feel awesome in this neon graffiti top, urban-style pants and slouchy hat!  You can individualize your look by adding a pair of shoes from the selection at the bottom.

This graceful ballerina is ready to dance in the The Nutcracker.  Her pink leotard has a single button for easy dressing and the tutu ties at the side for fast costume changes!  

This metallic gold leotard will shimmer under the stage lights!  Add the ribbon skirt and this costume will be a real show stopper!  The close-up shows her tap shoes.
Practice Leotard Set
Every dancer knows that a black leotard is a wardrobe must.  It can be dressed up in so many ways.  This set comes with a flouncy skirt and some tulle netting to tie in her hair or use it as a sash.This versatile set prompts creativity.
Fanciful Fairies            
This fairy set will set your imagination fluttering into the clouds! This set includes leotard, tutu and wings. Hover over the picture to see this set in sugar plum.

Add the fairy slippers and magical wand set and be ready for the magic to begin! 
Gymnastic Set
All that practice was worth it~ a winning dismount earns her a gold medal!  The coordinating shorts can be seen in the close-up.  Both pieces are made of spandex.  This set comes  with a ribbon stick for special performances.  Also included is a brochure of gymnastic facts.
Ready to kick that winning goal? This zippy set has sport shoes, purple jersey, shorts and ball. Tie the soccer print ribbon in her hair and she will be ready to play a fun game.  Numbers vary. 
Ice Skating
This ice skating outfit is a show stopper!  It is has a hologram effect finish that is sure to catch the spot light!  Each set comes with a skating dress, coordinating sequined belt  and fur trimmed skates!

Now available in lavender with metallic lavender skates!
Martial Arts            
Did you know that women have been part martial arts for over 2000 years?  This crisp white uniform comes with a practice board  for display as well as an informative brochure about the history of women in martial arts.

The top is cinched by a black belt and has a sharp embroidered patch on the back as shown in the close-up. Consider a pair of shoes to wear home from practice located at the bottom of this page. 
Active #5
Tap Dance
It is important to cheer for your friends to help encourage them!  This three piece uniform has a top and also has shorts to wear under the skirt. Two pompoms and a brochure on the history of cheerleading are included.
Women have loved playing basketball since 1891.  Of course, they were playing in long dresses which made it very difficult to shoot that winning basket!

This uniform is for those who want to join a team with "Girl Power."  Navy shorts, with a gold jersey and navy hair ribbons make this a winning look.  A mini basketball hoop set is included.
We live in a hurry-up world of classes, after school activities, malls and video games.  It is important to find ways to bring a time of calmness to the hectic pace of our daily lives.  Learning yoga can help you find "the balance of life."  This set comes with a comfy shimmery applique tee, cropped pants, yoga mat, carrying strap and practice chart.

Sock Hop
Have you ever gone to a sock hop? Well this set will get your favorite playmate spinning and dancing around to the rock 'n roll beat of the juke box.  A crisp white cotton blouse is paired with a cute poodle circle skirt, neck scarf and saddle shoes! Consider adding a pair of optional white bobby socks.
This outfit will hit a home run with our baseball lovers! A white jersey and purple shorts is our favorite playmate's team colors.  Tie her hair back with a pretty purple ribbon and she is ready to play with her new ball and bat! Consider adding these purple canvas sneakers and white sport socks to give her this winning look!
Happy Birthday
Everyone loves a birthday party!  And this set is a perfect start for this special day.  A soft denim skirt is paired with a celebration T-shirt for your doll.  A matching child size decal is included so you can make a coordinating shirt for the birthday girl.  Put the mini tiara and the child's tiara on and you both will be all decked out for when your guests arrive. 

TLC ~ Tender Loving Care
A Get-Well Poem for You  
by Amanda Lohiser

When you're sick or feeling ill,
You sometimes can get blue.
But here to make you smile is 
A get-well poem for you.
TLC~Get Well Set
Whether you have a dolly whose sick or if you are sending this set as a get-well wish to someone you love who is in the hospital, the message is the same.  Cheer up!  You are loved.  This hospital gown comes with many of the gifts brought to someone in need of extra TLC.  A furry friend, flowers and a puzzle book are just what the doctor ordered to help with a speedy recovery!
A merry medical print top and white pants are paired with two medical charts, mini pen and a brochure about women caring for the sick.  White shoes are available for the head to toe TLC look.
TLC~ Loving
Do you love animals? There are endless job possibilities for people who want to have a career that involves animals.... groomer, veterinary technician, wild life rehabilitator, zoologist, office support staff, kennel worker... the list is endless!
This print top and crisp white pants comes with medical charts, clipboard & mini pencil.
Western Wear with a Flair!

BBQ Get Together
What is more classic than red and white gingham?  Wide white lace edges the blouse sleeves and the hem of the soft denim skirt.  Lace style varies.  Tie a square knot in the red bandanna, pull on your boots, put on a hat and she ready to have a great time!  A mini horse is included in this set.            
Open Range
Comfort and Survival
A woolen blanket will keep our favorite cowgirl toasty while sleeping out on the range.  A pot, utensil and napkin for cookouts is included.  

Pan design varies slightly

Mare-y Magenta
This merry magenta set will be perfect for line dancin' or ropin' and ridin'! A cream knit top is paired with a deep magenta skirt that's edged in fillies and filigree! A silver-and-magenta polka-dot bandana and small toy horse are included. Consider topping this outfit off with a black hat trimmed in silver! Hi-Ho!
Horse Show Duds
She'll sure look pretty in these pink duds! A rosy pink knit top is paired with a darker pink sturdy cotton skirt that's edged with a trim featuring horses in colorful blankets. A small toy horse is included. For extra flare, consider adding pink cowgirl boots or a pink cowgirl hat!

Tuckered Out Comfort
After a hard day of ridin', a cowgirl can be real tuckered out!  Nothing feels better than the comfort of a soft flannel sleepshirt.  She might have just enough energy for a relaxing game of checkers before the campfire dies down and she goes to sleep for the night.
Ropin' n Ridin'
Pink, pink and more pink!  This is for the gal who not only loves horses but pink as well!  This set includes a cotton top, print skirt, kerchief and mini wand/bubbles that guessed...a pink horse on it!
Native American
Native American
To keep Kaya fashionable, I create Native American styles in boutique quantities. Once they are sold, I introduce a different design.  This photo shows the basic fit.  Colors, pants, skirts, belts and beading will vary.  Check back regularly to see what is new for your favorite playmate!

Available now: These three outfits are perfect on their own, but when combined, create endless wardrobe possibilities! 

The Leggings Set (bottom left) includes a short tunic, leggings, leather belt and necklace.

The Skirt Set (bottom middle) includes a longer tunic, skirt, suede-like belt and shell necklace.

The Dress (bottom right) includes a dress and beaded belt.

All three sets include a packet of colorful glass beads to create your own unique jewelry for Kaya. All outfits are made of a high-quality faux buckskin.

Contemporary Dance
Modern dancing is such a fun way to express your personality!  This metallic silver on white spandex leotard coordinates with the white fringe skirt, silver ruffled shoes.
These sweet girls sure know how to serve up a a fabulous game to play!  A sassy aqua top and stretchy shorts are perfect for the court or the beach. The hair ribbon and colorful bobby pins will help hold her hair in place while spiking that winning score.
Does your playmate need glasses?  Our "hip" dancer is modeling our new pink glasses. They are also available in purple and black!

Please remember to limit your eye wear to one pair per outfit.  Thank you.
Sizzling Temptations 
If you are a girl who loves to accessorize, then these sizzling temptations will be fun for you to browse through. Click on each item for a larger view and description. 

One pair of shoes per outfit, please.
Click on an image to view larger photos.
Sea to Sand Sunshine Set 
This set will help your friend make the most of her day at the beach. A beach towel is perfect for time in the sun and just in case she gets too warm, a cute fan will help provide a gentle breeze. Slip the skirt on, adorn it with the fashion belt and she will be ready for the boardwalk!

Mermaid Magic
This play set is filled with magical mermaid moments! From swimming in the bright blue sea (pretending, of course!) to magically having two legs to walk the sandy beach, your playmate can experience all of this and more!  Add the active shorts or shoes and you will be on your way to another adventure just a boardwalk away!

Now your mermaid can have a friend! Add the Magical Magenta mermaid set for splashing good time! Mermaid Magic set includes a swim tank suit, mermaid tail, sea life activity book and seashell.

Let's Get Rolling!
Whether your favorite playmate is skating in a rink, down a bike path or over a boardwalk, she will look stylish in this skating set!  The pink sport cloth skirt is paired with a black knit tee and is  accented with a "peace loving" applique.  Cinch up her skates and she will be off for a rolling good time!  The argyle socks are sold separately and are exclusive to this outfit.
Hover your curser over the picture to pause the mermaid photos.
Lucky Horses
She'll look classically beautiful in this western ensemble! A creamy soft knit top is accented with a stitched applique featuring a lovely brown mare. It's paired with a polished cotton navy skirt with horseshoes and horses, and a small toy horse is included. For the all-around look, consider adding brown cowgirl boots or a brown cowgirl hat.
Goin' to Town
This springy pink outfit is perfect for warmer weather rides! A short sleeve pink cotton top pairs beautifully with a brown cotton skirt that's trimmed with dancing horses and horse shoes. A matching pink and white polka-dot bandana completes the look! For added sweetness, consider a pink cowgirl hat and boots, or a brown cowgirl hat and boots!
Pretty Pink Ponies
This pink skirt is covered in the prettiest ponies you've ever seen! Paired with a crisp white cotton shirt and shimmery gold and pink bandana, she'll be the star of the show! 

Best in Show
A chestnut-brown skirt is covered in prize ribbons and show-stopping horses. This skirt is paired with a crisp pink cotton shirt and a glittery silver and purple bandanna.

Prancing Polka-dots Soft Blue
These two sets are perfect for someone who wants "two of the same, but different"! This wedgewood blue skirt is covered in frolicking horse silhouettes and polka-dots. It comes with a navy cotton shirt and horse-shoe bandanna.

Prancing Polka-dots Soft Red
This soft "cherry pie red" skirt is bedecked with cream horse silhouettes and polka-dots. It comes with a cream cotton shirt and horse-shoe bandanna.
Dress, beaded belt and beading set.
Top, skirt, belt and beading set.
Top, leggings, leather cord and beading set.
Consider adding the moccasin accessory set to any of these outfits. It includes a pair of the suede-like moccasins pictured here and a mini dream catcher for sweet dreams!
Gift Certificates to the American Doll Boutique are available in any denomination for a shopping spree redeemable at any of my show locations, Orchard Park, NY home-based boutique or online website.  Like-new merchandise can be exchanged; gift certificates are non refundable.  
American Doll Boutique 
Sandie Lohiser

These comfy sleepshirts are perfect for snuggling into bed with a good book. This year's packaging includes a soft plush animal to snuggle with.  

Slumber Shirt & plush animal--$14

Keep your favorite playmate's toes toasty warm in these adorable slippers!  
One pair per garment please.
Sleep Over Necessities
Sweet Dreams Slumber Shirts 
Polka dot--blue, green & purple
Owl love
Blue Bunny
Lavender dots
Elephants on parade
Coral polka dot
Zany patchwork
My favorite peeps
Flower power
Garden flowers
Cat nap
Owls and posies
All Slippers--$6
One pair per set, please.

All Slumber Shirts ~ $14 
Each set includes sleepwear & a fun reading chart with stickers.

Click on image for larger views 
Bedtime Beauty Bathrobes
This robe is made of a dreamy plush terry.  It comes with enough curlers to set your doll's hair as shown in this picture.  A bathtime buddy is included.  Just remember, your playmate really does not like to take baths, she just likes to pretend!
Robe, curlers & 
rubber duckie ~ $20
Please note: light blue is currently not available.  A vibrant aqua is now available and a picture will be posted soon.
Slumber Bag Sets

Perfect for a sleepover....
or as our family calls them...wake overs!

This polar fleece lined slumber bag comes with a coordinating solid color pillow, mini flashlight and a hand shadowing pamphlet is included for lots for night time fun!  Just like a real slumber bag, you can roll and tie them into a neat bundle for taking places.  An elastic band is included to hold the pillow to the bag as well.

Each set includes the slumber bag, pillow, flashlight & hand shadowing brochure.  

Princess emojis
Turtle vision
Magical unicorns
SKyward Bound--pink
Snow's friends
Shimmery butterflies--pink
Bee-utiful posies
Midnight snackS
Sweet dreams aqua
Lovely ladybugs
Delightfully Minnie
Princess patchwork
Butterfly quilting
Princess trioGirl power
Prima ballerina
Shimmery butterflies--purplePr
Pretty princess
Fairyland fantasies
Rows one and two
Rows three and four
Click on the photos to see close-ups

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These faux rhinestone studded glasses will add a cool touch to your beach attire!  $8
With heart shaped holes to hearts on the soles, crocks are classic beach wear. Purple $6
Crocks in tropical pink.  $6
Virsatile white crocks.  $6
These crocks look great as an accessory for your favorite mermaid when she sheds her tail.   $6

Check out the new mermaid outfit in the next fashion listing!
Stylish sandals are always a great wardrobe addition.  They look fabulous with a beach set as well as a cute dress.  $6
These stylish sandals have a flower cut-out on the strap.  $6
I think you will agree that these sequin trimmed flip flops are fabulous!  Lavender  $6
A see through strap holds these fashion favorites in place.  Light pink  $6
Versatile white sequins will glam up any outfit that you put them with!  White  $6
Sizzling sunglasses available in pink or purple.  $8
These girly graffiti shorts are all about love, peace & comfort.  Made of stretchy spandex, they fit over any ADB bathing suit or leotard for a trendy new look.  $5
Trip to Hawaii
Many of us dream of going to Hawaii to see the beautiful islands. Whether or not we go, we can sure pretend that our favorite playmate hopped on a plane and took hula dance lessons! When she is not practicing the body movements that help to tell a story, she will look sharp in the trendy skirt that comes with this set.

Red sandals are now available!

Irish Dance
Whether your playmate is Irish or Irish at heart, she'll be ready to hit the stage in style! The set includes a dress made of deep kelly green cloth that is embellished with gold trim and is accessorized with black leatherette ghillies, a gold hair ribbon and an Irish flag. 

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Your records will not be "shared." 
Actively Empowered
This bright, colorful spandex outfit has a flexible fit that is perfect for a variety of physical activities. A black spandex top is paired with sizzling neon shorts and self-laced shoes. A bright colored hair ribbon is included. 
I love Unicorns...
...Do you? This set was inspired by my many young shoppers who came to visit my boutique all decked out in their unicorn attire. To keep this set budget friendly, the package includes the unicorn essentials: skirt, unicorn horn headband and bendy. Shoes, knit tee, tights, and glasses can be individually added.
Super Hero!
You may not be able to fly or become invisible, but you CAN turn someone's day from a bad one into a good one with just a simple act of kidness! Whether you help out an elderly neighbor, volunteer at a community event, hold open a door or give your seat up to someone who needs it more, you TOO can be...

Set includes leotard, shorts, cape and mask. 
Click on mini pic below to see it enlarged
Camping = Smores!
When you are packing for a camping trip, don't forget the makings for smores! This "smore shirt" and cargo pants will be the perfect outfit for an outdoor adventure. When you go hiking, don't forget your 3-in-1 survival is a flashlight, whistle and pretend compass. Add these orange sneakers for a really fun look.
Hip Hop Dance Set--$22
Black leotard and rainbow flower skirt set--$22
Ballet leotard, tutu & slippers--$22
White full body tights--$4
Tap Dance leotard, skirt & shoes--$22
Metallic mod print gymnastic set--$22
Baseball uniform, hair ribbon, ball & bat--$22
Purple sneakers--$6
White sport socks--$4
Soccer jersey, shorts, shoes, ball & ribbon--$22
White socks--$4
Black socks--$4
Ice skating dress, belt & skates--$22
White full body tights--$4
Martial Arts set--$22
Cheer uniform--$22
White sport socks--$4
Basketball jersey, shorts, ribbons & ball --$22
White sport socks--$4
Sock hop set--$22
Bobby socks--$4
Yoga set--$22
Birthday set--$22
Metallic pink party shoes--$6
White thigh highs-$4
Get-well green set--$14
Merry Medical scrubs & charts--$20
white sport shoe--$6
TLC--Loving animals--$22
Horse Show Duds -$22
BBQ Get Together red gingham set --$22 sold out
Ropin' n Ridin'--$22
Mare-y Magenta-$22
Black Cowgirl hat--$8
Black Cowgirl boots---$8
Tuckered out sleepshirt & checkers--$14
Woolen blanket & cookin' set--$12
Contemporary dance set--$22
Volleyball outfit, hair accessories & ball--$22
Black canvas sneakers--$6
Black socks--$4
Star gymnastic set--$22
Pink glasses & memo book--$8
Purple glasses & memo book--$8
Black glasses & memo book--$8
White sport shoes--$6
White sport shoes--$6
Sunny Beach Set--Tropical flowers--$22
Sea to Sand Sunshine Set--$16
Roller Skate set--$22
Argyle socks--$3
Pink Cowgirl Hat--$8
Pink Cowgirl boots--$8
White Cowgirl Hat
White Cowgirl boots--$8
Pink Cowgirl Hat--$8
Pink Cowgirl boots--$8
Lucky Horses-$22
Brown Cowgirl hat--$8
Brown Cowgirl boots--$8
Prancing Pink Polka-dots -$22
Pink Cowgirl hat--$8
Pink Cowgirl boots---$8
Brown Cowgirl hat--$8
Brown Cowgirl boots---$8
Best in Show -$22
Pink Cowgirl hat--$8
Pink Cowgirl boots---$8
Pretty Pink Ponies -$22
Pink Cowgirl hat--$8
Pink Cowgirl boots---$8
Prancing Polka-dots Soft Blue--$22
White Cowgirl hat--$8
White Cowgirl boots---$8
Prancing Polka-dots Soft Red--$22
Black Cowgirl hat--$8
Black Cowgirl boots---$8
Native American dress--$22
Native American skirt set--$22
Native American legging set--$22
Moccasins & mini dream catcher--$10
Bunny slippers--$6
Blue bunny
My favorite peeps
Polka dot--blue, green & purple
Elephants on parade
Coral polka dot
Flower power
Garden flowers
Cat nap
Lavender dots
Owl love
Zany patchwork
Owls and posies
More prints
to come
mid winter!
Lavender Slippers--$6
Purple Slippers--$6
Red Slippers--$6
Lt Pink Slippers--$6
Dk Pink Slippers--$6
White Slippers--$6
Lime Slippers--$6
Lt Aqua Slippers--$6
Lt Blue Slippers--$6
Bright Pink
Midnight snack
Bee-utiful posies
Shimmery butterflies--pink
Snow's friends
Princess emojis
Turtle vision
Magical unicorns
Lovely ladybugs
Delightfully Minnie
Princess patchwork
Butterfly quilting
Skyward Bound-pink
Sweet dreams--aqua
Princess trio
Girl power
Prima ballerina
Shimmery butterflies--purple
Pretty princess
Fairyland fantasies
Metallic magenta gymnastic set--$22
Ice skating dress, belt & skates--$22
White panties--$4
White tights--$4
Sport shorts--$5
Sunny Beach Set--Cool palm trees--$22
Irish dance with ghillies--$30
Actively Empowered--$22
Mermaid Magic--Aqua Marine--$22
Mermaid Magic--Magical Magenta--$22
Mermaid sport shorts--$5
Pretty pink fairy set--$22
Sugar plum fairy set--$22
Fairy slippers & wand--$10
Light pink shoes--$6
Unicorn headband, skirt & bendy--$16
White knit tee--$6
White tights--$4
Super Hero set--$22
Black sneakers--$6
White sneakers--$6
Purple glasses--$8
Camping set--$22
Orange sneakers--$6
White socks--$4
Trip to Hawaii set--$22
Red sequin flip flops--$6