The American Doll Boutique will be closed 
from Fri., May 20th through Mon., May 30th for family time! 

Web orders will be processed on Tues., May 31st.

If you would like to visit my boutique, please email me at with your telephone number &
  I will call you on Tues., May 31st so we can plan your visit! 
I use the same sewing techniques that made the construction of my children's' garments so popular:
     ~buttons instead of velcro as this product catches 
       and frays lace trims, satins and doll wigs 
    ~tightly rolled seams to prevent fraying 
     ~top-quality fabrics and trims

I added a unique style by:
     ~many styles are designed to mix and match with each    
       other to further develop the child's sense of creativity
     ~I use sharp colors and prints that are size-appropriate 
     ~many garments come with coordinating accessories                to enhance their play value

By shopping with me:
     ~You will be treated with the hospitality associated                       with a cottage industry-based boutique
     ~You are purchasing a product that has been the   
       developed skill of four generations
     ~All sewing is 100% American Made!
Many years ago, I decided to follow in my grandmother's and great-grandmother's footsteps and use my sewing talents to pursue a career that would allow me to be an at-home mom.  At this time, I designed and sewed garments for children.   

Like many little girls, my daughter wanted a very popular historical eighteen-inch doll for Christmas.  Naturally, I began creating special outfits for her. My clientele's daughters expressed their desire to have these outfits for their dolls too!

Time only allowed for one area of sewing, so my love of dolls won!  Over the past twenty years,  I have continued to offer a wide variety of outfits priced from $12 to $22 and many accessories that range from $2 to $8.  

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Your personal records will not be shared.
Where to purchase a doll like the ones seen on this site   Please be advised that I am not associated with the American Girl Company®.  These dolls are used to model my original designs.  I am listing this site for the convince of shoppers in search of these dolls.

Perhaps the reason why I enjoy making my doll clothes is the delight I gain in helping recreate an experience that I treasured as a child.....

​I can vividly remember as a child opening up the big glass door to the local 5 & 10. For you younger shoppers, that is a small store that sold a little of many things. I would walk down what seemed to be a very long isle. Now you should know that this store was first built in the late 1800's so with each step I took, the highly polished worn floorboards would squeak under my feet. I can still hear that delightful sound, because it meant that I was getting close to this most wonderful moment...the moment of finding out if the rack that held an assortment doll dresses was refilled!  
I spent many trips going to this 5 & 10 before I would spend my hard-earned allowance on a selected style.  The last dress I ever bought was bright blue with polka-dots and trimmed very patriotically.  I still have this treasure which was passed on to my daughter when she was little.
I now hope to help create  moments for my shoppers and their daughters.  At my home and craft shows, I try to have my display set up in a way that will create a lasting visual experience.  I have tried to exude this "small-town, days-gone-by" image to this more modern form of communication that sometimes feels all too impersonal.  I hope that the design of  my site makes you feel welcomed and cared about.  It is for all of these reasons that I take pride in my workmanship and hope to create a mutual bond with my new acquaintances through the appreciation of fine-quality doll clothes.  Thank you for shopping with me.

Yours in the love of dolls,

No matter how many years may pass, the 
memories of playing with dolls never fades!

Welcome to my American Doll Boutique!  
More about Sandie's love of dolls~
1963 Me on the left
Directions for this web site:
     ~Check the items that you would like to purchase
     ~Submit each page using the button on the bottom
     ~I will be in touch with you soon to complete your order.
     ~Shipping is $6 for any size package shipped within the           contiguous USA

I take pride in offering you a boutique experience.  If you have any questions or would like to speak to me directly, please feel free to email or call me.
Sandie Lohiser
American Doll Boutique

November special~
US priority mail; $3 for any size package

My Orchard Park home-based boutique will be 
closed from Sunday, December 14th through 
Sunday December 21st.  

I will be open for last minute shopping from 
Monday, 12/22 at 10am 
until noon on Wednesday 12/24. 

Please call 716-998-9662 to arrange your visit.

After holiday boutique dates:
call ahead visits
Friday, Dec 26th through Tuesday, Dec 30
2015 shopping will be available starting Friday, January 2nd
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4715 Duerr Road
Orchard Park, NY  14127

Home-based boutique open by appointment

(716) 998-9662
Where can you find me?
The American Doll Boutique is located at 4715 Duerr Road in Orchard Park, NY  14127 which is slightly south of Buffalo. If you would like to visit my home-based boutique, I am open to call ahead visitors. My phone number is 716-998-9662. 

I have always enjoyed the personal atmosphere of local craft shows.  Western New York is brimming with these types of events.  Check out this years show schedule below.

The beginning of a great friendship.
A Victorian birthday party
 (the dolls are sitting at another table)
Many people have let me simply state that Amanda has a disease that limits her health and strength.  Her father decided early on that this life was too challenging... but don't loose heart this "fairy-god mother" has a wish to grant at the end of the photos!

Growing up with 
Amanda and Samantha
A school play with a special cousin--
Samantha was in the audience!
A vacation that they will remember 
for a very long time!
Matching Easter bonnets! 

Here's the happy ending I promised you. The Fairy God Mother granted Amanda her wish to know the love of a truly great Dad...and she did!  Meet her special dad & my husband,  John Trodden
April 6—4 to 9 
April 7—Saturday—10 to 5
April 8—Sunday—10 to 4
Springtime in the Country
Erie County Fair Grounds, Hamburg, NY   
A time to welcome back Spring!  This is an exciting time at the American Doll Boutique as the First Communion dresses for your favorite 18" playmate debut and we get to feature our garments that will help welcome back the sunny days ahead!
Check back a few days before the show for a current show map.
Directions        Show Map  

 Shows for 2019
Sept 14—Saturday—10 to 5   
Sept 15—Sunday—10 to 3
Orchard Park Festival of the Arts                                    
If you heard the disappointing news that the Jaycees cancelled the long standing Quaker Arts show, I am sure you will be as relieved as I was to hear that the Chamber of Commerce is putting great efforts into saving this Orchard Park tradition. 

Rt. 20A & Lincoln Ave., Orchard Park, NY 14127
Bring your walking shoes!  I am inside the school.  
Through the main entrance directly on your left!     

Oct 12 & 13—Saturday & Sunday—10 to 5 each day
Oct 14—Monday—10 to 4 each day
Letchworth State Park                                     
Come see the Grand Canyon of the east!   I will be located INSIDE the South Shelter. 
More info!

Oct 19 & 20—Saturday & Sunday—10 to 5 each day  
Peek 'n Peak
1405 Olde Road, Findley Lake, NY    
A fun fall excursion. I can be found inside the main ski lodge along side the main staircase. There are fun activities for the whole family! 

Nov 7—Thursday—through 
Nov 10—Sunday
Thurs & Fri 10 to 9; Sat 9 to 6; Sun 10 to 4   
Christmas in the Country 
Erie County Fair Grounds, Hamburg, NY   Ready for some serious shopping?                      Look for my quilt backdrop.  In the Market Place by the Grange Blding.
Directions     Show map 

Nov 15—Friday—4 to 9
Nov 16—Saturday—10 to 5
Nov 17—Sunday—10 to 4
Christmas in the Country in Rochester
Rochester Dome Arena at 2695 East Henrietta Rd, Henrietta, NY  14467
I am thrilled to be able to return to Rochester! My boutique will be filled with holiday finery and so much more!

Nov 29—Friday—10 to 4 
Nov 30—Saturday—10 to 3
St. Gregory the Great
This gem is a long standing favorite of the American Doll Boutique.  Escape the craziness of Black Friday and enjoy some relaxing browsing at this local church craft show.
250 St. Gregory Ct., Williamsville 14224

Dec 7—Saturday—10 to 5
Dec 8—Sunday—10 to 4
Yuletide in the Country
Erie County Fair Grounds, Hamburg, NY   
A smaller version of  Christmas in the Country.  All vendors are found in the Agri Center.  
Check back a few days before the show for a current show map.
Directions        Show Map 

My boutique will be closed from Saturday, December 14th through Sunday December 22 for family time. I will have call ahead shopping until December 13th, and visits can also be arranged for Monday December 23!
Amanda and Samantha at 
one of their favorite hospitals.

Samantha & Amanda supporting
a worthy cause.
Since so many of the young girls that attended our Girl Scout group visit have asked if we would do birthday parties, we now offer several different programs that are created to help celebrate your birthday in a unique and memorable way! 

Our birthday gatherings are designed for parents wish to celebrate their daughter's birthday without the unending "To Do List" that usually accompanies a party.  

All that you need to do is to forward the provided email invitation which includes an RSVP request and then notify us with the girls' names and how many women will be attending (minimum of nine girls please). That is it!  There is no need for a cake or decorations as we provide treats and an old-fashioned decor.  The $22 shopping trip is the party favor and the well-organized program assures that everyone has a relaxing, fun time!

Please feel free to call for more details!  716-998-9662

Depending on the time of year, old-fashioned hot chocolate or mildly spiced apple punch is served as the beverage.  
Step back in time to an 1830's cottage industry home where you will find original designs to fit your favorite 18" doll or 15" baby doll.  Historical dresses, modern trends, fancy hats, colorful shoes and much more are displayed in our boutique.   If a guest does not own such a doll, any other doll or stuffed animal would be more than welcomed as we have sleeping bags and other items that work nicely for them.  We also encourage the girls to bring their moms as the love of dolls should never be outgrown!
Group Visits and Birthday Parties
Come enjoy an afternoon or evening at the American Doll Boutique in Orchard Park!  
Sandie, a fourth-generation seamstress and the owner of the boutique, will give a short talk on one of a variety of topics relating to girls' fashions through the ages, how sewing has changed over the years and etiquette.

"Mandie's Hair Salon" is a boutique favorite where doll hair fashions are demonstrated.  If desired, each doll brought will have their hair styled.  Even baby dolls and teddy bears are prettied up with ribbons!  
(one doll per girl please)
Everyone gets to practice her etiquette lesson while enjoying heritage-related treats served on china ~ moms are offered these goodies as well.  
We do not charge for this two hour program, treats and hairstyling.  We would rather have the girls be able to shop in the boutique so that they can leave with something special for their dolls' wardrobe. We request that there be a minimum of nine girls and that each girl have a $22 spending allowance to be spent in the American Doll Boutique.   
At the end of each program, we offer to take a group photo so that everyone can remember the fun time they had when they stepped back in time and enjoyed some old-fashioned lady-like fun! 
Visiting dates for the Brownie and Girl Scout troops fill up quickly, so please call soon to reserve your time!

We will look forward to seeing you soon!

phone:  716-998-9662

Christmas in the Country
Nov 7—Thursday—through 
Nov 10—Sunday
Thurs & Fri 10 to 9pm; Sat 9 to 6pm; Sun 10 to 5pm   

Letchworth State Park
Oct 12—Saturday—10 to 5pm
Oct 13—Sunday—10 to 5pm
Oct 14—Monday—10 to 4pm

Craft Show floor maps are linked from the schedule posted above.
Yuletide in the Country
Dec 7—Saturday
Dec 8—Sunday—10 to 5pm

Space ___...look for the quilt backdrops!

Show location to be posted before the show.

American Doll Boutique 
Sandie Lohiser
Happy Holidays from the American Doll Boutique!
Come at your leisure to my Open House 
  Friday, Nov. 16 through Sun, Nov. 18 from 10 am until 7 pm
My home-based boutique is located at 
4715 Duerr Rd. Orchard Park, NY  14127

There are three ways to shop with me:
~Browse the pages of the
~Attend one of my many craft shows
~Call ahead to visit my home-based boutique throughout the year


Elf Express Shipping~US priority mail; $7 for 
any size package (shipped within the cont. USA)
April 13—4 to 9 
April 14—Saturday—10 to 5
April 15—Sunday—10 to 4
Springtime in the Country
Rochester Dome Arena, Rochester, NY   
​How exciting is this! I am so thrilled to be able to see my Rochester customers in person! My boutique will be brimming with springtime fashions! Also, more Rochester excitement is to come in November with a repeat visit to the Dome!
Check back a few days before the show for a current show map.
Directions        Show Map  
location will be posted prior to show.

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